As a little girl, with an adventurous imagination, she loved playing around in her family home. In every corner of her home, toys scattered a long with her wishes and dreams of adventure.

Now all grown, she love the world. The world was now her play ground. All she wanted to do is to see more of the beauty it offered….culture, vibrant cities and its fashion! When she can, she traveled to her favorite places. Presently, her wish has brought her to Burberry capital…London, England! Today, she wanted to experience a bit of culture, nature and of course, fashion. As a fashionista, she started her day by picking the perfect outfit. She wanted a chic outfit for sightseeing. Voila! she thought, as she pulls out a pearl embellished jumpsuit from her suitcase. Its light weight and silky fabric sway gracefully as she moves. It was beautiful!

Chic in a pearl jumpsuit, she hops on a double decked bus to visit, her first stop, the Victoria and Albert museum. There she enjoyed sipping a cup of hot cocoa while immersed at culture and history. Then, tick tok tick tok…., as if her watch came to signal that it was time to see the bold and elegant of fashion! This was the moment she had been awaiting. She always wanted to visit the iconic fashion houses in London. Off the tube to Bond street, there stood the fashion houses with its glamour. Her eyes dazzled at French haute couture in Dior. Seeing, for the first time, its bold Revolution collection! Then, off to see the classics in Mulberry. Contemporary in Alexander McQueen. Then, a little  bit of Italy in Dolce & Gabanna.  In every turn and corner of the street, there stood grand….fashion! After a day full of culture and haute couture, she went to relax at Hyde Park.  The sun setting, she took a bike ride towards the last landmark to visit for the day…Kensington palace. 

In a pearl jumpsuit….her adventure began…

Casual OOTD

Jumpsuit: Club Monaco, Long sleeve shirt: J Crew, Bag: Kate Spade, Shoes: Gucci

Fashion Journalist





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