I would like to tell you a story about a young fashionista. Let me start with how my favorite fairy tales usually begin with the phrase….. “Once upon a time…”

Once upon a time there was a fashionista. She had quite a collection of umbrellas. Umbrellas that she received from her trips all over the world. They were all in her favorite pretty shades of pastel. Little did she know that these umbrellas were magical. One day, like a modern day Cinderella, she was stuck at home with chores. Opening her closet to clean up, she stumbled upon her collection of parasols all sitting in a tall painted floor vase. She glanced to one that particularly caught her eye to its dainty sewn lace. As she opened to admire the umbrella, suddenly the world around her magically transforms.

Feeling the gravel beneath her feet, she was standing in a beautiful garden. She was in a place where Kings and Queens once set foot. In front of her, stood a grand Victorian building  decorated with four tall elegantly constructed columns at its entrance. Two grand stone staircases, cascading from left to right, opened into a landscape of beautiful roses and tulips. They painted the garden in red, pink and yellow.  Bordering the garden were rows of towering trees. Each tree tops were trimmed into identical squared shapes. She wondered in awe at the breath taking sights that surrounded her. Then, walking along the grounds towards a smaller brick chateau,  she passes by a tunneling entrance with vines gracefully flowing from its gate. With a curious mind, she decided to explore. Reaching the other end of  passage was even more beautiful. It was a grand gate of wisteria flowers. Its flowers fragrant and willows overflowing. It was a sight she had never seen before! Taking in the beauty in front of her, she thought, “this place is so historic, magical and most of all romantic!” As there at the flowery gate, she found her self holding hands with her Prince. She was in a fairy tale dream come true.

As she closed the parasol, she comes back to her home. Once again, she is standing in her room. Her closet door ajar with clothes waiting to be sorted back from the suitcase. Holding the umbrella with her two hands, she admired its features once more before settling it back into its place. With a smile and a feeling of happiness within each beat of her heart, she remembers that day she said “yes” to her prince in Le Petite Trianon de Marie Attoinette in Paris, France. Then, posing her left hand up to admire the simple dainty diamond ring encircling her finger, she remembers the moment. The life changing moment. A new chapter in her life beginning in which she will be sharing with her prince.



Together, oh the places we’ll go!

DSC04138 edit

Trench coat: Coach, Dress: Zara, Shoes: Gucci

Fashion Journalist



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