New York….London…where has she gone to next? Spinning the globe around….and there she is! Spotted stepping off the Euro star train, in a dainty Zara lace dress, a fashionista gleaming with excitement to see the city of love…Paris!

It was a rainy start to her day in Paris. The rain and being in Paris made her feel whimsical and even more cheery.  With blooming pink cherry blossoms & the view of the Eiffel tower from a far, there was a sense of romance in the atmosphere. Walking gracefully in the street of Rue Cambon, with its lavish decorative street lamps lining the sidewalk, she felt like she was in a Fred Astaire film. In the rain, under her blush pink umbrella, she skipped and hopped romantically. Her fashionista outfit twirling with her every movement. Its lace swaying side to side. From across the street the sweet melody of “La vie en rose” reached her. She pass by the cafe admiring its welcoming exterior. It had white painted french doors that opened to a patio with dainty tables each adorned with a simple white table cloth and a small vase of pink peonies in the center. Caffeine lovers and couples sitting under a white and pink awning. Waiters in white crisp apron and bow ties, hover around, delivering sweet lavish decorated treats and foamy hot lattes to the cafe’s awaiting guests.

At this moment, her world was perfect. She thought “wow, Paris is even more beautiful in the rain!”



Dress: Zara, Boots: Prada, Hat: BCBG, Purse: Coach

See you soon Paris!

Fashion Journalist



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