From New York city to a six hour flight across the Atlantic ocean, now she is off to London! She arrived at Gatwick airport wearing an outfit perfect to keep her cozy from the winter weather. With pops of color in her ensemble; pink, purple, blue and red, winter in London did not look grey at all.

In her perfect OOTD, she took an afternoon train to King’s Cross station. From the iconic red telephone booths to 1800 Victorian buildings, taking in the vast city landscapes, she was amazed and wanting to explore more. From the station, she trotted along in her Zara boots. Then, she took the double decked bus to London’s famous landmarks. Crossing the London bridge, she could not believe she was passing over the famous Thames river. Looking over the horizon of the river, she sees the historical architecture of Westminister palace. Then, with widened eyes and a great big smile, she finally sees Big Ben! There it stood proud and grand over the city. Zooming past the Eye to the elegant Buckingham palace with its iconic palace guards, she clicked her camera capturing the world in front of her eyes. Tugging along her Prada purse, she went shopping at Harrods and the Burlington arcade. Feasting her eyes on the latest fashion, she explored London’s trend setters. She marveled at Burberry’s classic Brit elegance to Stella McCartney’s boho chic styles! Then she sat, like a modern princess, for a treat at Laduree, where she had a lovely English afternoon tea.

In her fashionista shoes, she saw London as a wondrous city full of history. It was a historic city emerging with the new. With a cup of hot cocoa in her hand, she watched the city go by as she sat at a cafe on Trafalgar square. Content and happy, she was looking forward to her next fashion adventure!


Coat and boots: Zara, Purse Prada, Hat: BCBG

Fashion Journalist!



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