Tick tok tick tok! She watched her Kate Spade watch as she waited for her flight to the home of Carrie Bradshaw and her many shoes, New York city! She sat on her chair at Gate 19 with a hot chocolate on her hand and a Louis Vuitton carry on at her side. Ah finally a trip to the big apple! She had a whole planned out week of shopping and sightseeing. As a fashionista, she brought along her favorite outfits to wear on her adventure. After all, this week New York city will be her runway!

On arriving to New York, the weather was mild with a few clouds drifting apart letting in some sunshine upon the great towering buildings. Exiting grand central station, she stood in the midst of the buzzing city. Looking up in awe at its towering architectures, she spots the iconic Empire State building. Then left to right, yellow cabs line up in traffic with its drivers waiting for the light to turn mint green. While others try to find a way to escape the entanglement of cars. As a fashion central, New York fashionistas dash along the streets passing each other. They dress in OOTD that ought to be perfect for fashion street style on instagram. Like models on a runaway, they walk confidently in their Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik! They were dressed as if to be photographed for a page spread for Vogue. She was truly amazed and inspired.

What better way to celebrate New York fashion by wearing New Yorker designs, she thought! Starting her outfit by choosing Club Monaco trousers and a top from J Crew. Then completing her New York OOTD, she wears her favorite trench coat from Coach and a pair of shoes from Kate Spade. In this New York inspired outfit, she began exploring her favorite places in the city. Tracing her journey from Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Like her favorite Gossip Girl, she sat by the MET while having a tasty treat of ice cream. Then to Fifth Avenue to treat her eyes to the beautiful displays of shoes, dresses and purses! After a couple of Jimmy Choo shoes and the sound of dollars chiming as she swipes her credit card at the register, she goes to her favorite New York cafe…Serendipity! There in its whimsical decor, she tasted its famous frozen hot chocolate…yum! On her way back to her hotel, she decided to walk through Bryant Park. Beneath a blanket of dreamy stars, she felt the romantic mood of park. It was a perfect way top off her first night at New York city!



Top: J Crew, Trousers: Club Monaco, Coat: Coach, Hat: BCBG, Shoes: Kate Spade

Wishing I was actually in New York!

Fashion Journalist



2 thoughts on “Fashion travel: New York!

  1. hi! It’s me H2W, Hsinwei Ho :)) I just want to tell you that I have moved my blog to stylebyH2W.com It’s under wordpress.org now and hope to see you there. Love your hat and beautiful colours btw and New York is always my favourite city!! Even though I have no complain about London but would really like to live in New York one day.

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    1. Hi Hsinwei Ho! Thank you letting me know. Your fashion style is very inspiring. I would not want to miss out on your daily posts 🙂 I will definitely check out your new blog address. Same here I love New York too but I also want to live in London. Its a dream 🙂


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