The first time I ever saw snow fall…..

It was early January. Everyone in my class were talking about the great snow day! The great anticipated snow storm during which one rather stays at home bundled up in a cozy sweater with a warm cup of cocoa as snow builds up into a mountainous pile outside the house. I waited day after day, until it finally came. I woke up to a frosted window. Face to face with the frozen glass, I peered outside and was amazed at the snow heaped like fine sweet sugar. It was glittering as the sun shined on its white soft surface. As a new comer to this cold weather country, I jumped off my bed with excitement. I grab my pretty little coat with red faux fur trims on the sleeves and hood. I placed them on along with a pair of pink knitted mittens and a bonnet. Boots on, I charged my way out onto winter wonderland! In the midst of the snow covered yard, there I stood silent for a moment. With a great big smile forming, one simple word came into mind. Snow was….magical! I shuffled and played on the fresh snow; making snow angels and  castles. I played for hours long that my cheeks were rosy pink. Then, another even more magical event happened. As I stood, snow fall started. One by one then in clusters, they gracefully float towards the ground around me. It was like being in a snow globe! Opening the palm of my hands to catch the tiny dainty snow flakes, I admired them. Looking at them closely, it was as if they were intricately designed. So pretty, dainty and small. My mind intrigued, fascinated by mother nature’s very own beauty.

I remember those days. I wish I could appreciate snow fall as much as I did when I was a child. The simplest things are the most precious. Today, I do still enjoy winter with my favorite cup of hot chocolate and dressed in the most cozy knit wear!


Dress: Zara, Boots: Zara, Purse: Kate Spade, Hat: BCBG, Knit thermal leggings: Uniqlo

Knit sweater: Banana Republic

Stay cozy!

Fashion Journalist




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