It was in the midst of the Fall season. The trees have just turned their beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red.  At her vanity, she sat by the window while glimpsing at the mild weather outside. Fall was her favorite season of all. Today, she is getting ready for a lovely afternoon tea party at the famous Shangri-La hotel. While thinking of what to wear, her thoughts wondered off for a moment. She sat thinking…she missed the wonders of traveling. She missed the excitement of seeing cities foreign to her eyes. She longed for the thrill of visiting beautiful landmarks…the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Il Duomo di Firenze in Florence and Mount Fuji in Japan! The corners of her lips curved to form a smile as she remembered her visits to these places. With a sigh, she thought, someday! As she snaps back to choosing her OOTD,  she picks out an asymmetrical cut dress with a hem that  flows longer at the back. Adorning the dress are dainty embroidered red roses with green vines. Suddenly, an inspiration came to her! She decides to match her dress with a special pair of stilettos. Fixing her eyes on the lowest level of the shoe shelf, she pulls out a box. From the box, she takes the shoes out from its soft red pouch revealing her one and only pair of Christian Louboutin. There, in front of her eyes, stood the most elegant pair of shoes she had ever owned. Beautiful in its red velvet material. This will surely add a pop of color to this outfit, she thought. Admiring them, she gracefully puts them on her feet. On such a special occasion they deserve to be worn!

In her Christian Louboutin, with each step she took, she felt she was bringing along the glamour of Paris! Its glossy red soles transforming her pathway into cobbled stones just like Parisian streets. Tracing her magical journey from the famous avenue of Champs-Elysees, the historic wonders of the Louvre, and to the glittering glamorous Eiffel tower! They were indeed magical shoes that took her to a great fashion adventure.


Me & my mom wearing our favorite shoes for afternoon tea!

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Purse: MCM, Hat: BCBG

Thank you for reading!

Fashion Journalist



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