Year 1999. She sat front row along beside fashion icons Anna Wintour, Jeanne Baker and Karl Langerfeld.  She watched from left to right. The fashion spectators were dress to impress from Chanel to Fendi. Cameras were flashing on each side of the runway to capture the grandeur moment of fashion models strutting down to show case the new collection for the fall season. She could not believe she was here. She looked down at her feet and found herself to be wearing Prada stilettos. On her lap sat a Chanel classic flap bag. Her dress was Dior haute couture.  She was a Sarah Jessica Parker vision! She was immersed in the sound of the background music and the parade of beautiful clothes when she hears a faint sound of an alarm. It grew louder and louder until everything around her turned blurry.  Puff! It was like a magic wand taking her back to reality. It was the melody of her alarm clock ringing for 7 sharp waking her up from her fashionista dream.  Now it was time to get up. She stumbles out of the warm embrace of her blankets and reaches for her wide rimmed glasses. As she place her glasses on, she sees the sunrise’s rays through her curtains.  Then she smells the sweet aroma of warm cocoa and hears the sizzle of bacon and eggs as her mother cooks from the kitchen. Her senses are awaken and hears her stomach grumble. Time for a sweet tasty breakfast!

After her morning breakfast, she hurries to get ready for the day. Getting ready was simple as she already knew the night before what to wear for this occasion. There will be no choosing between a pair of skirt, blouse or dress. In her closet, there will be no designer purses. There will be no Jimmy Choo, Prada or Louboutin. Today, she will wear a white starched blouse with a blue plaid skirt. Matching with this pair was a navy blue cardigan with an insignia on its top right. Peering out from the cardigan’s neckline was the stiff white collar of her blouse. Her shoes were of simple Mary Jane style from Steve Maddens. Standing in front a full length mirror, she places her hair in a simple pony tail. Now she was ready. Welcoming this first day of school, she clutches her leather satchel on one hand and one book on the other. Her wide rimmed glasses set on her face ready to read the school year away! She was already a fashionista at heart and was building her bright future ahead.


Knit sweater, blouse & skirt: Club Monaco, Purse: MCM, Shoes: Louis Vuitton, Hat: BCBG, Head band: Ardenes

I dedicate this post to a great school year and to all future fashionistas!

From your fashion journalist,



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