Will I always be a pink kinda girl? I recall the sweetest memories of my childhood. I was about 3 years of age. I woke up to a great surprise with my dad waving a pretty pink box and peering from it was my first Barbie doll! Dressed in a puffy pink tulle skirt with a satin pink ribbon wrapped around her waist, she was pretty in pink. A top her head was a head ban of lace fanning out. I can still remember my first words about the doll, asking happily “where are her shoes?” Showing the traits of a young shoe fashionista, of course, I looked for the shoes! Her shoes where of matching color ballet slippers that laced up to her tip toed legs. She looked graceful. She will be the doll I would always play with even after my  collection grew to more than a dozen.

A year later or so….I woke up to another surprise. My dad had bought me a pink doll house! It had a pink roof, pink miniature furniture to match my doll’s pink dress. It was overload pink and I loved it!

On my fourth birthday, I had a low waist dress with cap sleeves trimmed with white lace. It was one of my favorite dress to wear. It was also in the shade of a dainty pastel pink! I remember wearing it with a matching color of patent leather ribboned flats.

Just this week, strolling along my favorite shops, I came across this MCM purse. It caught my eye for its colour. Guess what color….pink! As I was admiring the purse, a thought came to mind. If 10 or 20 years had pass, will pink still be a color favoring to me? Will it still be flattering on me as it was when I was younger? Nevertheless, this hand bag still made it on my wish list!

This lovely shade of pink has been with me since I was a little fashionista.  It has revolved around the great and sweet memories of my childhood. It is the color that catches my eye and heart. I can even say that it is my favorite color.

DSC01394DSC01425 editDSC01416DSC01446DSC01452DSC01453

Dress: Zara, Purse: Chanel, Boots: Zara

True to pink!

Fashion journalist



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