The sun shined bright and there she stood in front. She studied its features. It was a small white building with a wide window at the front just enough to give her a peak of the inside. At its side was a dainty patio and its foodie crowd enjoying drinks in the summer air. Adjusting her flowered head band and her soft curls dropping down below her shoulders, she felt the anticipation building up. She had been waiting for this moment to come for a month or two now. Its finally come.  She is here. She is just steps away from its white painted french doors.  As she walked into the building in her Valentino flats, she was amazed at the display of the most sweetest and prettiest desserts in all the colors she loved. Her taste palette was alive! She loved sweets from chocolate to macarons.  A lady dressed in a white baker’s uniform stood behind the counter of sweets and politely asked for her order. Oh what to choose! she thought.  Admiring the colorful tasty display, she decided to plunge for something different. Rather than choosing her usual go to dessert of chocolate, she chooses a small round cake with vanilla panna cotta…called the Marie Antoinette!


The “Marie Antoinette” was indeed the most fashionable dessert she had ever seen. It was the most elaborately decorated dessert. Fashioned with pastel colored macarons on its top and surrounded by cream as fluffy as a cloud, it was like a dainty designed dress in a haute couture fashion show. As she sat at the cafe’s table, enjoying her dessert bite by bite, her fashionista mind came to wonder. She had a thought in creating an outfit inspired by this dessert. It would be the most sweetest OOTD ever with pink tones and tulle!


Blouse: H&M, Jacket: J Crew, Skirt: Mendocino, Shoes: Valentino, Purse: BCBG

Wishing you a sweet afternoon,



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