How to make the cutest summer outfit:

A pair of nude pumps, a dash of ribbon, mixed together with skinny jeans. Then, to sweeten the outfit, a splash of pink!  Wear it with a smile and it is the perfect summer outfit.

As you may have noticed, my favorite color is pink! Pink is what had caught my eye to this cute over the shoulder top/dress. I love its subtle pattern of white stripes, just like a piece of pink candy, and tiny bows on the sleeves. I normally would wear this as a dress but I realized its versatility by pairing it with girlfriend jeans.  This outfit is all about versatility as it looks great with flats or pumps. As for accessories, I chose my pink Miu Miu purse as a clutch. Hope you enjoy this outfit!


Top/dress: Zara, Skinny Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Purse: Miu Miu, Hat: Ardenes

Fashion journalist



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