It might be a rare sighting but there are days when a fashionista likes to dress down. In days like these when summer rays and rising temperatures are upon this great metropolitan city of fashion, a casual outfit is the key to being comfortable. Welcome to my casual style corner! Today, my OOTD includes this white denim. Hidden deep in the jungle of clothes, I found my old pair of Nevada dungarees circa 1999. That’s right, these are from the year 1999! They were originally long denims. Now revised into short dungarees, they are my go to casual outfit. They are easy to pair with any top and so comfy for this hot weather. In this OOTD, I choose to wear them with a lace crop top and flats.

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Denim/Dungarees: old, Top: Forever 21, Shoes: Marc Jacobs, Purse: Kate Spade




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