As I reach the small light house at the end of the port, I gaze into the lake’s vast horizon. It shimmers as the sun shines upon its gentle waves. The sky so clear and blue as if it is constant with the lake. The lake looked infinite. As I admire this beautiful scenery, the hustle and bustling life of the city disappear into the distant like a small ship sailing away towards the endless horizon. I soak in the sunshine and the refreshing breeze. Mesmerized, I ask myself is all this a dream? Pinch!….Ouch! No it is certainly not. Am I on a trip? I don’t see the Eiffel tower or the beautiful Sakura trees in Tokyo…so not at all. So where am I?

Today, I am simply on my day off from work…cheers! So, what better to do than to sit at my favorite cafe and go explore! As a full time fashionista, I have chosen an outfit perfect for exploring. I chose a casual top in lace with one my favorite cities to visit printed in bold letters: “New York.” Isn’t it cute?! Pairing this with a skirt and bow shoes makes for a dainty look. My favorite purse to carry around while exploring is the Louis Vuitton speedy 25. It carries all the necessities and looks great on any outfit!

In this casual style, I enjoy my cafe mocha sip by sip. I admire the blooming colors of summer flowers. Most of importantly, I am enjoying my time off by the lake’s sunset.


Top: Express, Skirt: Mendochino, Purse: Louis Vuitton, Shoes: Ron White

Fashion Journalist



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