Bonjour! It is another busy day for fashionistas in the hustle and bustling city of Toronto. As the sun rises and clocks tick, fashionistas of Toronto rush to get ready for their runway look of the day. After meddling with our hair for the perfect hairstyle and make up, we open our closets in search of the perfect outfit. Just like in the movie Narnia, a fashionista’s closet is like a door to another world. The world of fashion!  A fashionista’s closet is her world of dreams and aspirations of beautiful clothes, designer shoes and purses! Her closet is a world in which she can express and explore fashion artistry.

Here is a peak into my very own wondrous closet! A new addition to my world of fashion is this sweater from Club Monaco. I absolutely love the creativity in mixing and matching this piece with other items from my closet.

Club Monaco, Paris fashion, tulle skirt


Club Monaco, Paris fashion, tulle skirt

Club Monaco, Paris fashion, tulle skirt

Sweater: Club Monaco, Skirt: Honey, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Bag: Prada


Parisian Fashion, Club MonacoParisian Fashion, Club Monaco

Parisian Fashion, Club MonacoParisian fashion, club monaco

Sweater:  Club Monaco, Skirt: Mendochino, Purse: Miu Miu, Shoes: Kate Spade

Thank you for reading!

Your fashion journalist,



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