While some fashionistas like to start their day with a cup of coffee, yoga or a work out regiment, I like to start mine with selecting the best outfit that makes me feel beautiful and fresh throughout my day.

Being in love with fashion does not only consist of loving the way a dress looks on you. It involves loving the way a dress makes you feel. This is important as your outfit will be with you through your day and it is a representation of yourself.

Inspired by Parisian fashion, this combination of tulle skirt and knit sweater is a classic pair up. However, it is unique in terms of the contrasting differences between each pieces that are worn. The sweater’s bold print and its color makes for a fun look. While the light pink tulle skirt and Valentino heels makes for a dainty look.

Overall, I love how this outfit makes me feel, fun and elegant!

tulle skirt, valentino

tulle skirt, knitted sweater

knit sweater, tulle skirt

tulle skirt, valentino shoes

tulle skirt, pastel fashion

tulle skirt, knit top

Top: HNM, Skirt: Mendochino, Shoes: Valentino

Your fashion journalist,



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