Pastel basics

Bonjour et bienvenue! A little French to start this week as I will be flying to Paris in a few days. But, before I trot off to this fashion capital, I would like to share my spring time casual OOTD.

 Nothing says its the weekend with a slouchy pair of jeans and Italian woven sweater. I love wearing the basics of fashion as it is simple and carefree. Then, accessorizing with a cute pair of shoes or purse! Adding colours to style makes it even more eye pleasing. Soft pastels such as lavender, light pink and mint green go together so well. They are my favorite shades to mix and match!

This outfit has definitely made my Paris OOTD!

Club Monaco, Knit wear, Casual fashion, basic fashionClub Monaco, Knit wear, Casual fashion, basic fashionClub Monaco, Knit wear, Casual fashion, basic fashionClub Monaco, Knit wear, Casual fashion, basic fashionClub Monaco, Knit wear, Casual fashion, basic fashionClub Monaco, Knit wear, Casual fashion, basic fashion

Sweater: Club Monaco, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Miu Miu, Purse: Chanel, Hat: BCBG

a bien tot!

Fashion Journalist


Fashion Travel 3: Paris

New York….London…where has she gone to next? Spinning the globe around….and there she is! Spotted stepping off the Euro star train, in a dainty Zara lace dress, a fashionista gleaming with excitement to see the city of love…Paris!

It was a rainy start to her day in Paris. The rain and being in Paris made her feel whimsical and even more cheery.  With blooming pink cherry blossoms & the view of the Eiffel tower from a far, there was a sense of romance in the atmosphere. Walking gracefully in the street of Rue Cambon, with its lavish decorative street lamps lining the sidewalk, she felt like she was in a Fred Astaire film. In the rain, under her blush pink umbrella, she skipped and hopped romantically. Her fashionista outfit twirling with her every movement. Its lace swaying side to side. From across the street the sweet melody of “La vie en rose” reached her. She pass by the cafe admiring its welcoming exterior. It had white painted french doors that opened to a patio with dainty tables each adorned with a simple white table cloth and a small vase of pink peonies in the center. Caffeine lovers and couples sitting under a white and pink awning. Waiters in white crisp apron and bow ties, hover around, delivering sweet lavish decorated treats and foamy hot lattes to the cafe’s awaiting guests.

At this moment, her world was perfect. She thought “wow, Paris is even more beautiful in the rain!”



Dress: Zara, Boots: Prada, Hat: BCBG, Purse: Coach

See you soon Paris!

Fashion Journalist


Fashion travel 2: Cozy in London!

From New York city to a six hour flight across the Atlantic ocean, now she is off to London! She arrived at Gatwick airport wearing an outfit perfect to keep her cozy from the winter weather. With pops of color in her ensemble; pink, purple, blue and red, winter in London did not look grey at all.

In her perfect OOTD, she took an afternoon train to King’s Cross station. From the iconic red telephone booths to 1800 Victorian buildings, taking in the vast city landscapes, she was amazed and wanting to explore more. From the station, she trotted along in her Zara boots. Then, she took the double decked bus to London’s famous landmarks. Crossing the London bridge, she could not believe she was passing over the famous Thames river. Looking over the horizon of the river, she sees the historical architecture of Westminister palace. Then, with widened eyes and a great big smile, she finally sees Big Ben! There it stood proud and grand over the city. Zooming past the Eye to the elegant Buckingham palace with its iconic palace guards, she clicked her camera capturing the world in front of her eyes. Tugging along her Prada purse, she went shopping at Harrods and the Burlington arcade. Feasting her eyes on the latest fashion, she explored London’s trend setters. She marveled at Burberry’s classic Brit elegance to Stella McCartney’s boho chic styles! Then she sat, like a modern princess, for a treat at Laduree, where she had a lovely English afternoon tea.

In her fashionista shoes, she saw London as a wondrous city full of history. It was a historic city emerging with the new. With a cup of hot cocoa in her hand, she watched the city go by as she sat at a cafe on Trafalgar square. Content and happy, she was looking forward to her next fashion adventure!


Coat and boots: Zara, Purse Prada, Hat: BCBG

Fashion Journalist!


Fashion travel: New York!

Tick tok tick tok! She watched her Kate Spade watch as she waited for her flight to the home of Carrie Bradshaw and her many shoes, New York city! She sat on her chair at Gate 19 with a hot chocolate on her hand and a Louis Vuitton carry on at her side. Ah finally a trip to the big apple! She had a whole planned out week of shopping and sightseeing. As a fashionista, she brought along her favorite outfits to wear on her adventure. After all, this week New York city will be her runway!

On arriving to New York, the weather was mild with a few clouds drifting apart letting in some sunshine upon the great towering buildings. Exiting grand central station, she stood in the midst of the buzzing city. Looking up in awe at its towering architectures, she spots the iconic Empire State building. Then left to right, yellow cabs line up in traffic with its drivers waiting for the light to turn mint green. While others try to find a way to escape the entanglement of cars. As a fashion central, New York fashionistas dash along the streets passing each other. They dress in OOTD that ought to be perfect for fashion street style on instagram. Like models on a runaway, they walk confidently in their Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik! They were dressed as if to be photographed for a page spread for Vogue. She was truly amazed and inspired.

What better way to celebrate New York fashion by wearing New Yorker designs, she thought! Starting her outfit by choosing Club Monaco trousers and a top from J Crew. Then completing her New York OOTD, she wears her favorite trench coat from Coach and a pair of shoes from Kate Spade. In this New York inspired outfit, she began exploring her favorite places in the city. Tracing her journey from Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Like her favorite Gossip Girl, she sat by the MET while having a tasty treat of ice cream. Then to Fifth Avenue to treat her eyes to the beautiful displays of shoes, dresses and purses! After a couple of Jimmy Choo shoes and the sound of dollars chiming as she swipes her credit card at the register, she goes to her favorite New York cafe…Serendipity! There in its whimsical decor, she tasted its famous frozen hot chocolate…yum! On her way back to her hotel, she decided to walk through Bryant Park. Beneath a blanket of dreamy stars, she felt the romantic mood of park. It was a perfect way top off her first night at New York city!



Top: J Crew, Trousers: Club Monaco, Coat: Coach, Hat: BCBG, Shoes: Kate Spade

Wishing I was actually in New York!

Fashion Journalist


Snow fall

The first time I ever saw snow fall…..

It was early January. Everyone in my class were talking about the great snow day! The great anticipated snow storm during which one rather stays at home bundled up in a cozy sweater with a warm cup of cocoa as snow builds up into a mountainous pile outside the house. I waited day after day, until it finally came. I woke up to a frosted window. Face to face with the frozen glass, I peered outside and was amazed at the snow heaped like fine sweet sugar. It was glittering as the sun shined on its white soft surface. As a new comer to this cold weather country, I jumped off my bed with excitement. I grab my pretty little coat with red faux fur trims on the sleeves and hood. I placed them on along with a pair of pink knitted mittens and a bonnet. Boots on, I charged my way out onto winter wonderland! In the midst of the snow covered yard, there I stood silent for a moment. With a great big smile forming, one simple word came into mind. Snow was….magical! I shuffled and played on the fresh snow; making snow angels and  castles. I played for hours long that my cheeks were rosy pink. Then, another even more magical event happened. As I stood, snow fall started. One by one then in clusters, they gracefully float towards the ground around me. It was like being in a snow globe! Opening the palm of my hands to catch the tiny dainty snow flakes, I admired them. Looking at them closely, it was as if they were intricately designed. So pretty, dainty and small. My mind intrigued, fascinated by mother nature’s very own beauty.

I remember those days. I wish I could appreciate snow fall as much as I did when I was a child. The simplest things are the most precious. Today, I do still enjoy winter with my favorite cup of hot chocolate and dressed in the most cozy knit wear!


Dress: Zara, Boots: Zara, Purse: Kate Spade, Hat: BCBG, Knit thermal leggings: Uniqlo

Knit sweater: Banana Republic

Stay cozy!

Fashion Journalist



Magical shoes!

It was in the midst of the Fall season. The trees have just turned their beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red.  At her vanity, she sat by the window while glimpsing at the mild weather outside. Fall was her favorite season of all. Today, she is getting ready for a lovely afternoon tea party at the famous Shangri-La hotel. While thinking of what to wear, her thoughts wondered off for a moment. She sat thinking…she missed the wonders of traveling. She missed the excitement of seeing cities foreign to her eyes. She longed for the thrill of visiting beautiful landmarks…the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Il Duomo di Firenze in Florence and Mount Fuji in Japan! The corners of her lips curved to form a smile as she remembered her visits to these places. With a sigh, she thought, someday! As she snaps back to choosing her OOTD,  she picks out an asymmetrical cut dress with a hem that  flows longer at the back. Adorning the dress are dainty embroidered red roses with green vines. Suddenly, an inspiration came to her! She decides to match her dress with a special pair of stilettos. Fixing her eyes on the lowest level of the shoe shelf, she pulls out a box. From the box, she takes the shoes out from its soft red pouch revealing her one and only pair of Christian Louboutin. There, in front of her eyes, stood the most elegant pair of shoes she had ever owned. Beautiful in its red velvet material. This will surely add a pop of color to this outfit, she thought. Admiring them, she gracefully puts them on her feet. On such a special occasion they deserve to be worn!

In her Christian Louboutin, with each step she took, she felt she was bringing along the glamour of Paris! Its glossy red soles transforming her pathway into cobbled stones just like Parisian streets. Tracing her magical journey from the famous avenue of Champs-Elysees, the historic wonders of the Louvre, and to the glittering glamorous Eiffel tower! They were indeed magical shoes that took her to a great fashion adventure.


Me & my mom wearing our favorite shoes for afternoon tea!

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Purse: MCM, Hat: BCBG

Thank you for reading!

Fashion Journalist


No Jimmy Choo: a story of young fashionista

Year 1999. She sat front row along beside fashion icons Anna Wintour, Jeanne Baker and Karl Langerfeld.  She watched from left to right. The fashion spectators were dress to impress from Chanel to Fendi. Cameras were flashing on each side of the runway to capture the grandeur moment of fashion models strutting down to show case the new collection for the fall season. She could not believe she was here. She looked down at her feet and found herself to be wearing Prada stilettos. On her lap sat a Chanel classic flap bag. Her dress was Dior haute couture.  She was a Sarah Jessica Parker vision! She was immersed in the sound of the background music and the parade of beautiful clothes when she hears a faint sound of an alarm. It grew louder and louder until everything around her turned blurry.  Puff! It was like a magic wand taking her back to reality. It was the melody of her alarm clock ringing for 7 sharp waking her up from her fashionista dream.  Now it was time to get up. She stumbles out of the warm embrace of her blankets and reaches for her wide rimmed glasses. As she place her glasses on, she sees the sunrise’s rays through her curtains.  Then she smells the sweet aroma of warm cocoa and hears the sizzle of bacon and eggs as her mother cooks from the kitchen. Her senses are awaken and hears her stomach grumble. Time for a sweet tasty breakfast!

After her morning breakfast, she hurries to get ready for the day. Getting ready was simple as she already knew the night before what to wear for this occasion. There will be no choosing between a pair of skirt, blouse or dress. In her closet, there will be no designer purses. There will be no Jimmy Choo, Prada or Louboutin. Today, she will wear a white starched blouse with a blue plaid skirt. Matching with this pair was a navy blue cardigan with an insignia on its top right. Peering out from the cardigan’s neckline was the stiff white collar of her blouse. Her shoes were of simple Mary Jane style from Steve Maddens. Standing in front a full length mirror, she places her hair in a simple pony tail. Now she was ready. Welcoming this first day of school, she clutches her leather satchel on one hand and one book on the other. Her wide rimmed glasses set on her face ready to read the school year away! She was already a fashionista at heart and was building her bright future ahead.


Knit sweater, blouse & skirt: Club Monaco, Purse: MCM, Shoes: Louis Vuitton, Hat: BCBG, Head band: Ardenes

I dedicate this post to a great school year and to all future fashionistas!

From your fashion journalist,



Will I always be a pink kinda girl? I recall the sweetest memories of my childhood. I was about 3 years of age. I woke up to a great surprise with my dad waving a pretty pink box and peering from it was my first Barbie doll! Dressed in a puffy pink tulle skirt with a satin pink ribbon wrapped around her waist, she was pretty in pink. A top her head was a head ban of lace fanning out. I can still remember my first words about the doll, asking happily “where are her shoes?” Showing the traits of a young shoe fashionista, of course, I looked for the shoes! Her shoes where of matching color ballet slippers that laced up to her tip toed legs. She looked graceful. She will be the doll I would always play with even after my  collection grew to more than a dozen.

A year later or so….I woke up to another surprise. My dad had bought me a pink doll house! It had a pink roof, pink miniature furniture to match my doll’s pink dress. It was overload pink and I loved it!

On my fourth birthday, I had a low waist dress with cap sleeves trimmed with white lace. It was one of my favorite dress to wear. It was also in the shade of a dainty pastel pink! I remember wearing it with a matching color of patent leather ribboned flats.

Just this week, strolling along my favorite shops, I came across this MCM purse. It caught my eye for its colour. Guess what color….pink! As I was admiring the purse, a thought came to mind. If 10 or 20 years had pass, will pink still be a color favoring to me? Will it still be flattering on me as it was when I was younger? Nevertheless, this hand bag still made it on my wish list!

This lovely shade of pink has been with me since I was a little fashionista.  It has revolved around the great and sweet memories of my childhood. It is the color that catches my eye and heart. I can even say that it is my favorite color.

DSC01394DSC01425 editDSC01416DSC01446DSC01452DSC01453

Dress: Zara, Purse: Chanel, Boots: Zara

True to pink!

Fashion journalist


The sweetest ootd

The sun shined bright and there she stood in front. She studied its features. It was a small white building with a wide window at the front just enough to give her a peak of the inside. At its side was a dainty patio and its foodie crowd enjoying drinks in the summer air. Adjusting her flowered head band and her soft curls dropping down below her shoulders, she felt the anticipation building up. She had been waiting for this moment to come for a month or two now. Its finally come.  She is here. She is just steps away from its white painted french doors.  As she walked into the building in her Valentino flats, she was amazed at the display of the most sweetest and prettiest desserts in all the colors she loved. Her taste palette was alive! She loved sweets from chocolate to macarons.  A lady dressed in a white baker’s uniform stood behind the counter of sweets and politely asked for her order. Oh what to choose! she thought.  Admiring the colorful tasty display, she decided to plunge for something different. Rather than choosing her usual go to dessert of chocolate, she chooses a small round cake with vanilla panna cotta…called the Marie Antoinette!


The “Marie Antoinette” was indeed the most fashionable dessert she had ever seen. It was the most elaborately decorated dessert. Fashioned with pastel colored macarons on its top and surrounded by cream as fluffy as a cloud, it was like a dainty designed dress in a haute couture fashion show. As she sat at the cafe’s table, enjoying her dessert bite by bite, her fashionista mind came to wonder. She had a thought in creating an outfit inspired by this dessert. It would be the most sweetest OOTD ever with pink tones and tulle!


Blouse: H&M, Jacket: J Crew, Skirt: Mendocino, Shoes: Valentino, Purse: BCBG

Wishing you a sweet afternoon,


Blue dress

Just your typical fashionista weekend with my favorite accessories, Prada & Valentino! When your out and about exploring the city on a summer weekend, all you want to wear is a simple one piece dress. A one piece dress that feels soft, silky and flows with every graceful movement!  Here is one of my favorite summer dress. With its bold prints, I styled it with pink accents…from the shoes and purse…it looks very dainty!


Dress: Zara, Hat: BCBG, Shoes: Valentino, Purse: Prada

To a great week!

Your fashion journalist