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A new chapter in Manolo Blahniks

It was just one month ago when we mailed the delicate laced invitations enclosed with perfection in their ivory envelopes.  In beautiful calligraphy our names written in unwinding cursive letters. Flowers, from bountiful and beautiful choices,  were carefully selected for the special occasion. Then, the awaited moment, my dress fitting! For twelve months, I have been looking forward for my dress to arrive. It was a magical day as I admired its beautiful dainty lace on ivory silk. It was as if a haute couture fairy godmother has granted my wish to come true. My excitement thumps with every beat of my heart as I come closer to a new beginning. The countdown begins.

Ting, ting, ting…..can you hear the bells ringing!  Singing the melody of “Here comes the bride,” its cheering melody playing in my mind as months quickly turn into weeks like pages in a Vogue magazine. A week from now, I will be stepping into the threshold of a new life in Manolo Blahniks, of course! As I create a new chapter in life, I reflect back to my young self and admire the long beautiful journey she had accomplished. She was a shy girl gleaming with adventurous dreams as the real world unfolded upon her eyes. A girl with a heart for fashion and travel. A girl who went to see the world and in its cultures, admired its beauty. Her footsteps, if it can be traced, would be marked from Tokyo to Paris. She was a girl who found love in herself and her family. A girl who discovered that true beauty is imperfect perfect and that being unique is beautiful.

 Now, a bride to be,  I can look back and truthfully say that I had the greatest wondrous time. As I step into a new chapter of my life in a pair of Manolo Blahniks, I look forward to new adventures and to many more great things. As Edith Piaf sings in her song…

“Car ma vie, car mes joies
Aujourd’hui… ça commence avec toi!”

Photos by Fiona Lee Photography

Loving this bridal look….get it here! Dress: J.O.A Here Shoes: Valentino Rock Studs Here


XOX…from Bride to Be & Fashion Jounalist



A fashionista in the heart of Paris

Beneath the clouds of Paris, a cherry blossom tree sheds its flowers. Blown by the soft cool wind, a flower is flown up above the roofs of romantic buildings. It twirls in the air as it dances with the wind. Gracefully it passes a Parisian, on a balcony, gazing onto the city’s skyline to a woman sipping coffee at a cafe. Then, as if it was meant to be, the wind coming to a slow, the flower spirals down onto a travelling fashionista. Falling onto her palm, she smiles admiring the dainty flower.

Coming off Chatelet-Les Halles station, she stood with her suitcase on one hand, catching her first glimpse of Paris. To her own discovery, she stumbles upon the magnificent view of a beautiful old Gothic church. Its stature grand, in awe, it reminded her of the reason why she wanted to visit Paris. Paris with its historic architecture and its culture has romantically enchanted her fashionista heart.

On her way to find her flat, towards the busy street of rue Montorgueil, she thugs along her suitcase. She blends with the rich culture of Paris as she walked on old cobbled stone streets. From the sights and sounds, she felt as if she was truly submerged into Parisian culture. Here, she was in the heart of Paris.

Passing a picturesque restaurant, Au Rocher de Cancale, she turns onto a narrow street. A cobbled stoned street with charming Parisian homes. There, between a bistro and a lovely patisserie, was the door to her flat. Her flat was small and cozy.  It had a romantic Parisian charm from its old staircase and a balcony that opened to the beautiful views of the city.

Taking in the view from the balcony and hearing the symphony of the lively rue Montorgueil, she tucks the cherry blossom flower into the soft curls of her long hair, looking pretty in the heart of Paris. With her blushing cheek perch onto the palm of her hand, she sighs with a smile. Her heart enchanted with Paris.

Shirt dress: Zara,  Sweater: H&M, Shoes: Zara, Purse: Kate Spade

Loving this style? Here’s something similar…

Shirt dress: recommend here, Sweater: recommended here Boots: recommend here   Purse: recommend here

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Fall fashion: a week in a fashionista’s shoes

Something is sparkling in the city of fashion….New York. From morning to evening, a fashionista elegantly wears her outfit with a little bit of sparkle. The perfect accessory accompanying her through her day, simple and dainty, a pair of earrings.

∼ Monday ∼

At six am sharp her alarm clock rings waking her from a dream of shoe galore….Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Louboutin! Her favorite morning tune of “La Vie en Rose,” from her ipod, pops its melody in the morning air. With a warm cup of cafe mocha, she gets ready for her day.  On this cool fall weather, she wears her favorite knits with neutral tones of pink and grey. As she glance at her outfit on the mirror, turning left and then right, she pauses. “Hmm, it just needs a little bit of…” she thought. Then, opening a small plush pink jewelry box, she picks out two beautiful earrings. Voila! With a pair of gold flowered earrings, her fall style is ready for the runway of New York city’s career fashionistas!

AuRate New York
Flower earring studs by AUrate New York

Sweater & Pants: Club Monaco here & here Shoes: Valentino here, Purse: Prada here

∼ Friday ∼

She sat at her vanity as she glance at her watch. It was quarter to seven in the evening. Just a touch here and a little bit of curl there, her long silky locks are perfected. Tonight her inner Audrey Hepburn will be reflecting through as she wears a classic skirt silhouette and an elegant sweater. Finishing her look, to compliment her complexion, she adds a little rouge with her favorite Chanel lipstick in blush pink. To highlight her eyes, she adds a thin line of eyeliner in brown matching her eye color. Then, to make her outfit a little bit more special, she wears a pair of timeless dangling earrings. Her confidence shine through as she smiles admiring herself at the mirror. Slipping her foot onto a pair of Jimmy Choo, she met her fashionista friends at the door, ready for an elegant evening.

Club Monaco, Paris fashion, tulle skirt

Club Monaco, Paris fashion, tulle skirt

Club Monaco, Paris fashion, tulle skirt

Sweater: Club Monaco here  , Skirt: Honey similar here Shoes: Jimmy Choo similar here, Purse: Prada here

∼ Saturday ∼

The aroma of freshly baked apple pies and cinnamon spices wafted in the air from a baker’s stand at a fall harvest festival. There, beneath a large tree decorated with pumpkin lanterns, she sat on a picnic bench. Its picturesque branches, with yellow and red tinge leaves, shade her from the sun’s rays. “Such a perfect fall weekend” she thought as she indulged in a warm drink of pumpkin spice latte clasped between her hands. On this afternoon, she is enjoying a day of pumpkin picking and sightseeing at the country side. She loved fall season for this reason. As a fashionista, she does this with elegance. She looked fall perfect in a gingham sweater dress and ankle high suede boots. With attention to simple details of a scarf and stud earrings, her OOTD is chic and cozy.

X stud earrings by AUrate New York

Dress: Vintage dress created by my grandmother, Shoes: Zara (sold out) similar here , Purse: Louis Vuitton here , Coat: Club Monaco similar here , Hat: BCBG (sold out) recommend here, Scarf: (from Japan) similar here here

Hello fashionistas! Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my favorite fall styles. This post was inspired by AUrate, to view more of their collection, click here


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A little spring in Fall

It was a cool afternoon. Rain drops appeared by the window on which she sat. She gazed up from the adventures of her book to the yellow and orange tinged leaves of Fall. From her seat, she watched the mid October shower. Then, she felt the emitting warmth of hot cocoa in front her with its sweet aroma. Sip…sip…sip, she took a taste of her favorite Fall drink.  With a little smile, she felt the cozy feeling of being in her favorite cafe.

Although the Fall season has arrived, its rain and cool temperatures upon the city, I put a little spring in my walk with these cute loafers! If you are a fashionista looking for a bookish yet dainty look, then this outfit is perfect. In this OOTD, I feel elegant and smart. Yes…because reading my favorite book and a cup of cocoa on hand is the perfect thing to do when Fall arrives.  But, as a fashion enthusiast, I love to do this in the most fashionable state. Hence, polka dot dress with a bold pair of loafers. These loafers never fail to make me smile whenever I wear them. With a cute dress, they are a pop of spring on a Fall day.

 Just in case you fashionistas drop in my favorite cafe and spot my cat hat ears peering from the top my book, don’t be shy to drop in a “Hello” and I hope my flowered shoes spring you with a little smile!




Dress: Zara, Shoes: Kate Spade, Purse: Chanel, Hat: BCBG

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Those summer days…

One of my fondest memories of summer was those days as a young fashionista. Going down the spiral staircase steps of my home. Wearing my favorite a line gingham dress with pink sneakers to skip and hop over to my favorite store.  Just across from home was a place of dreams. Colorful and tasty, a lovely tiny ice cream parlor stands out among its neighboring buildings. With white french windows at the front and blush pink painted doors, its sign artfully printed “Ice Cream.” A wooden white bench sat just outside its window at the sidewalk. With my dress flowing, as I hurry towards the shop, I thug on my mother’s hand while I open the parlor’s door with a huge smile on my face. On my tippy toes, I lean over the buckets of ice cream. With eyes of wonder, I gaze over to see all the enticing flavors in shades of strawberry pink, mint green, lime yellow and cocoa. All looking tasty, I chose strawberry pink and cocoa! Then, with excitement, I watch all the flavors transformed into tiny balls of scoops gracefully stacked on top of each other on sweet waffle cones. With ice cream cones in our hands, my mother and I sit on the bench to savor our chosen flavors. A mother and daughter moment.

If any outfit reminds me of my sweet childhood memories, it would be this  dress. Yes, it is another gingham dress! I love the color and the frills on this dress.  It makes for a very youthful, yet dainty style. This has been one of my summer favorites. Fun and whimsical, it is easy to wear and pair with my favorite handbag.

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Gucci, Bag: Louis Vuitton

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Once upon in gingham

August, summer at its peak. Puffs of clouds float across the blue sky as the sun’s rays seep through. Flowers at full bloom and its vibrant shades beautiful to the eyes. Bees buzzing about. Butterflies, from flower to flower, spread their wings in a graceful dance. In the midst of this summer metropolis, a fashionista walks about in a Parisian park. Her long silky locks flowing. Her skin feeling the cool gentle summer breeze. Like little red riding hood, she wears a red gingham dress with pretty bell sleeves. On the crook of her arm, she carries her favorite casual tote purse, perfect for carrying her summer essentials. In her red gingham OOTD, she is perfectly dressed for this summer afternoon.

As she ventures along, her senses are awaken by the aroma and vibrancy of the city. Sweet perfume from vines of Jasmine wafts along the pathway as she pass by. Then, making a turn to Rue Montorgueil, she sees a vision of old Parisian culture. It was a lively cobbled stoned street filled with the hustle and bustle life of the city. A lady in an apron with a bandanna fastened around her hairdo stood surrounded by buckets of fresh white and pink flowers. In a high pitch voice, she calls out, “Lilla, lilla, lilla!” Adjacent to her, a vendor sells chess board games. On each side of the street were restaurants with foodies socializing and sipping wine as they sit on their tables set along the busy side walk. Across from the restaurants were an array of markets for fish, vegetables and fresh fruits. Apples, oranges and many more arranged in its own crates at the stores’ front. From all these, one particular shop captured her excitement. Displaying its most decadent sweets, from macarons to luscious chocolate eclairs, luring her into the shop like fashionista to a pair of Dior heels, she stops by the patisserie. From the assortment of desserts, she satisfies her sweet palette with a macaron and a puff pastry with creamy chocolate filling. Happy with desserts, she ventures to a boulangerie. A boulangerie emitting the inviting smell of fresh baked bread in which one could not possibly resist to taste!

With a baguette on one hand and a hot chocolate on the other, she sat on a park bench. As she enjoys her tasty treats, she admires and savor this moment of luxury. It was a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon in her favorite gingham dress.

Weekend adventures 039Weekend adventures 038Weekend adventures 036Weekend adventures 031Weekend adventures 029

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Kate Spade, Purse: Louis Vuitton, Hat: BCBG

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Chic in a jumpsuit

As a little girl, with an adventurous imagination, she loved playing around in her family home. In every corner of her home, toys scattered a long with her wishes and dreams of adventure.

Now all grown, she love the world. The world was now her play ground. All she wanted to do is to see more of the beauty it offered….culture, vibrant cities and its fashion! When she can, she traveled to her favorite places. Presently, her wish has brought her to Burberry capital…London, England! Today, she wanted to experience a bit of culture, nature and of course, fashion. As a fashionista, she started her day by picking the perfect outfit. She wanted a chic outfit for sightseeing. Voila! she thought, as she pulls out a pearl embellished jumpsuit from her suitcase. Its light weight and silky fabric sway gracefully as she moves. It was beautiful!

Chic in a pearl jumpsuit, she hops on a double decked bus to visit, her first stop, the Victoria and Albert museum. There she enjoyed sipping a cup of hot cocoa while immersed at culture and history. Then, tick tok tick tok…., as if her watch came to signal that it was time to see the bold and elegant of fashion! This was the moment she had been awaiting. She always wanted to visit the iconic fashion houses in London. Off the tube to Bond street, there stood the fashion houses with its glamour. Her eyes dazzled at French haute couture in Dior. Seeing, for the first time, its bold Revolution collection! Then, off to see the classics in Mulberry. Contemporary in Alexander McQueen. Then, a little  bit of Italy in Dolce & Gabanna.  In every turn and corner of the street, there stood grand….fashion! After a day full of culture and haute couture, she went to relax at Hyde Park.  The sun setting, she took a bike ride towards the last landmark to visit for the day…Kensington palace. 

In a pearl jumpsuit….her adventure began…

Casual OOTD

Jumpsuit: Club Monaco, Long sleeve shirt: J Crew, Bag: Kate Spade, Shoes: Gucci

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A fashionista’s fairy tale

I would like to tell you a story about a young fashionista. Let me start with how my favorite fairy tales usually begin with the phrase….. “Once upon a time…”

Once upon a time there was a fashionista. She had quite a collection of umbrellas. Umbrellas that she received from her trips all over the world. They were all in her favorite pretty shades of pastel. Little did she know that these umbrellas were magical. One day, like a modern day Cinderella, she was stuck at home with chores. Opening her closet to clean up, she stumbled upon her collection of parasols all sitting in a tall painted floor vase. She glanced to one that particularly caught her eye to its dainty sewn lace. As she opened to admire the umbrella, suddenly the world around her magically transforms.

Feeling the gravel beneath her feet, she was standing in a beautiful garden. She was in a place where Kings and Queens once set foot. In front of her, stood a grand Victorian building  decorated with four tall elegantly constructed columns at its entrance. Two grand stone staircases, cascading from left to right, opened into a landscape of beautiful roses and tulips. They painted the garden in red, pink and yellow.  Bordering the garden were rows of towering trees. Each tree tops were trimmed into identical squared shapes. She wondered in awe at the breath taking sights that surrounded her. Then, walking along the grounds towards a smaller brick chateau,  she passes by a tunneling entrance with vines gracefully flowing from its gate. With a curious mind, she decided to explore. Reaching the other end of  passage was even more beautiful. It was a grand gate of wisteria flowers. Its flowers fragrant and willows overflowing. It was a sight she had never seen before! Taking in the beauty in front of her, she thought, “this place is so historic, magical and most of all romantic!” As there at the flowery gate, she found her self holding hands with her Prince. She was in a fairy tale dream come true.

As she closed the parasol, she comes back to her home. Once again, she is standing in her room. Her closet door ajar with clothes waiting to be sorted back from the suitcase. Holding the umbrella with her two hands, she admired its features once more before settling it back into its place. With a smile and a feeling of happiness within each beat of her heart, she remembers that day she said “yes” to her prince in Le Petite Trianon de Marie Attoinette in Paris, France. Then, posing her left hand up to admire the simple dainty diamond ring encircling her finger, she remembers the moment. The life changing moment. A new chapter in her life beginning in which she will be sharing with her prince.



Together, oh the places we’ll go!

DSC04138 edit

Trench coat: Coach, Dress: Zara, Shoes: Gucci

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